Online Video Making: Is Makeup Really Necessary?

If you’re a woman who has been asked to appear in an online video, you may be looking forward to your time with the makeup artist. On the other hand, if you’re a man, the thought of applying makeup for the video could be unsettling. Regardless of how you may feel about makeup, a professional video production almost always involves some form of makeup.

Makeup’s Role in Video Production

Just as you play a role in the video production, so does makeup. While cosmetics are generally used to enhance appearances, video makeup is typically used to accommodate the unflattering effects of lighting and camera lenses.

You’ll be under hot, bright lights. Not only does the heat from the light have the potential to cause you to sweat, the light can cause excessive shining on your skin. Makeup artists use powder to minimize shining and the appearance of oily skin.

You’ve likely heard that video cameras add about ten pounds to a body. Though you won’t physically be heavier, you’ll appear heavier due to the way the video affects contours and depth. With today’s high definition cameras and televisions, weight isn’t the only concern – wrinkles and skin flaws are too. Video makeup can correct for the flaws introduced or magnified by the video camera.

Making the Right Video Makeup Choices

  • Foundation and Power – Regular foundations are fine for everyday use, but not necessarily for video production. In fact, your foundation may make you look pasty thanks to its light reflective properties or even its SPF ingredients. Use a foundation specially formulated for high definition video cameras and apply it evenly to your face and neck. A matching powder should be used as well. Both men and women should apply foundation and powder.
  • Lipstick and Lip Balm – Women should choose creamy, natural lipstick colors, avoiding red which often becomes discolored under the lights. Avoid frosty colors and heavy lip glosses. If you’d like a slight sheen, a thin application of Vaseline can catch the lights without being overly shiny. Men may want to use a clear lip balm on their lips to keep them moist and minimize lip noises.
  • Eyeliner, Shadow, and Mascara – Bright lights can make eyes look smaller. Eyeliner and mascara can better define the eyes. Use natural colors. Consider using an eyebrow pencil, in the same color as your eyebrow hair, to fill in your brows. Women should avoid frosty eye shadows and choose matte shadows in neutral colors.

Ideally your video production studio will have a staff makeup artist or will bring one in before the shoot. Find out if a makeup artist will be provided beforehand so that you can be prepared either way.

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