Houston Social Media Marketing for Houston Businesses

Houston Social Media Marketing for Houston Businesses

Does the term “social media” make you anxious? As more businesses embrace it, you may wonder if it is time to add social media to your Internet marketing plan. Alleviate your anxiety by learning more about what social media is and how to integrate it into your online marketing strategies.

Social media is a set of low-cost Internet marketing tools such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Social networks such as Facebook and Google+ have regular users who frequent those sites daily. By establishing a social media presence, you can communicate with peers, customers, and potential consumers online. With this form of Internet marketing, you go to where your customers and prospects are instead of waiting for them to find you.

According to Nielsen.com, Facebook had 152 million visitors in May 2012 and Google+ is growing rapidly. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly using social media marketing to dispense information about their products and services to users on sites such as Google+ and Facebook.

By becoming active on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, you begin to feel “real” to consumers. While it is tempting to use these sites solely as an Internet marketing channel, the more “real” you are, the better. If you want social media users to follow you, do not just talk about your products or company; show your personality and interact. By doing so, you have the opportunity to communicate and engage consumers.

Social media allows you to create relationships with people who might not otherwise know about your company. You can also use Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to associate yourself with your peers who may be serving the same target market.

However, you cannot depend on social media as a standalone Internet marketing solution; you must integrate it with other marketing tools. Marketing Team Houston can help you develop an Internet marketing plan with integrated social media strategies. Let us help you define, set up, and integrate social media services including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube by contacting us today.

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