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Whether you have an online marketing video ready to post on your website or are just starting to think about the concept, it is important to have a strategy in place. Internet video marketing involves so much more than embedding videos into your website.

Understanding What Goes into a Promotional Video

In order for your online video marketing campaign to be successful, you need a thorough understanding of what strategic marketing videos can do for your site, how Internet video marketing material benefits your prospects, and how to keep prospects engaged.

When properly implemented, Internet video marketing can deliver targeted traffic to your website and lead to increased sales. In order to get those sales, your online video marketing strategy must be fully developed to guide visitors through each promotional video and shape their buying decisions.

This does not mean creating a promotional video that broadcasts how incredible your product is. In fact, long before you start any video production, you need to dig a little deeper. Internet video marketing requires you to understand how your product benefits your prospects and solves their problems. Once you have a thorough understanding of this fundamental concept, all of your online video marketing efforts must focus on these benefits.

Internet video marketing is our forte. Long before shooting, we collaborate with you to gain this understanding.  We then create a custom Internet video marketing strategy that allows your promotional video to connect with your customers on an emotional level and build both trust and rapport. Our online video marketing philosophy can best be described with our “Video-to-Lead” funnel.

Web Video Production - Online Video MarketingUsing the Video-to-Lead Funnel

What is the video-to-lead funnel and how does it take Internet video marketing to the next level? It is an online video marketing sales process consisting of three phases (Engage, Convert, and Nurture) that work together to convert prospects into customers.

  • Engage – When a prospect arrives on your site, your online video marketing efforts become meaningless if the prospect does not stick around long enough to watch your promotional video. With that in mind, Internet video marketing videos designed to engage prospects are a must. For instance, an online video marketing spokesperson can reassure your visitors they have come to the right site to find the solutions they are seeking by showing you understand the prospects problem and how to solve it. Energetic video testimonials that entice people to learn more are also an engaging form of online video marketing that establish the foundation of trust.
  • Convert – After engaging prospects, your Internet video marketing can now focus on conversion. Your prospects are ready to learn more about your products and services. An example of a promotional video in the Convert phase is a demonstration video that solves a problem for your prospect. This phase is all about educating prospects and providing them with compelling reasons to follow through on your calls to action.
  • Nurture – After your promotional video efforts have converted prospects to leads, your online video marketing efforts should focus on nurturing them. For example, a series of emails with informative videos about a specific Houston business solution allows you to continue connecting and positioning yourself as an expert. Prospects who have gone through this part of the online video marketing process are more comfortable speaking with salespeople.

Internet video marketing using the website sales funnel typically prompts two and a half to three times more prospects to take action. In addition, online video marketing lead conversion rates almost double. If you’d like to take advantage of these improvements, adopt this online video marketing strategy.

Choosing a Video Production Company

Online video marketing is not your typical do-it-yourself job. You will need a specialist in both Internet video marketing and website video production. In Houston Texas, that specialist is Marketing Team Houston. We are online video marketing experts with 20 years of experience serving Houston businesses. Whether you need B2B video marketing, or B2C video marketing, let us develop a custom Internet video marketing strategy that focuses on the benefits your prospects want to receive. We don’t just produce a promotional video – we start from the ground up to fully understand your company, customers, and benefits.

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Web Video Production - Online Video Marketing