Website Sales Funnel

Website Sales Funnel

Blending professionally produced video with proven Internet marketing strategies is the most effective way to generate more sales on the Internet. SEO and search engine marketing are important Internet marketing tools to attract website visitors. But traffic generation is just the beginning. Turning those leads into Internet sales is an important consideration.

Converting visitors into sales leads and then nurturing those leads into customers can drive more sales on the Internet. Generating Internet sales is what Internet marketing is really all about.

How to Get More Sales on the Internet

Adding Web video to your Internet marketing mix can play an important role in your Internet sales strategy. However, implementing a video campaign without an Internet sales lead generation and conversion strategy behind it is just a waste of time, money and effort.

Converting website visitors to leads requires shaping their buying decisions. When you do this successfully, more sales on the Internet are inevitable. The video-to-lead Internet sales funnel helps you engage your visitors and convert them to qualified leads.

How the Internet Sales Funnel Works to Generate More Sales on the Internet

Three Internet marketing phases work together to convert visitors to customers: Engage, Convert, and Nurture.

The Engage phase is at the top of the Internet sales funnel and where we keep your Internet marketing visitors engaged by sparking their interest and promoting relevant content. For example, concise, energetic customer testimonials that entice your prospect to learn more can increase engagement and prompt more sales on the Internet.

The Convert phase is in the middle of the Internet sales funnel where engaged prospects learn more about your product or service through benefits-focused, informative videos that solve a problem for your prospect. Educating your Internet marketing prospects through value added content accomplishes several vital Internet sales objectives:

  • Keeping website visitors on your website up to four times longer
  • Positioning you as the expert
  • Building buying intention
  • Building trust and rapport

By positioning yourself as the expert and educating your Internet marketing prospects, you can dramatically increase the number and quality of prospects that follow through on your calls-to-action and complete your lead forms. As a result, you may notice an increase in sales on the Internet.

The Nurture phase occupies the narrowest point of the Internet sales funnel. Once an Internet marketing lead converts on your website, emails can bring them back to nurturing videos on your site. This is your opportunity to make a connection, build trust, position your solution, and close business. Sales on the Internet become possible once the prospect moves through this innovative Internet marketing sales funnel.

Internet marketing prospects engaged in lead nurturing are typically more comfortable speaking with a salesperson. By moving through the various phases of the Internet sales funnel, your prospects have been engaged with informative content and now view you as an expert with a compelling solution to their problems. Engaged, nurtured prospects help your sales team shorten the sales cycle and increase the close rate.

Key points for increasing sales on the Internet:

  • The video-to-lead Internet sales funnel process typically prompts 2 1/2 to 3 times more visitors to take action.
  • Lead conversion rates typically increase by 1 1/2 to 2 times.
  • Sales teams benefit from shorter sales cycles and increased sales on the Internet.

Leverage the power of Internet marketing and video to shape your prospects’ buying decisions and increase sales on the Internet.

Are you ready to take your Internet marketing efforts to new heights and increase sales on the Internet? Contact us today to learn more about our Internet marketing and video-to-lead sales funnel strategies.

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