Special Event Promotion Video for Houston

Event Promotion Video for Houston Businesses

Business events come and go. Seize the moment with event video production – and leverage it for success.

Event video services allow you to:

  • Promote with a pre-event promotion video
  • Build interest and credibility
  • Gain additional exposure
  • Build interest without boring chunks of text

You could even have the event videographer film attendee testimonials during the event. Video production also extends your reach beyond its live audience.

Marketing Team Houston’s event video services take a before, during, and after approach. Your special event promotion deserves more than an event videographer haphazardly recording whatever happens. By providing an event promotional video, event video production, and a professional event videographer capable of handling comprehensive event video services, Marketing Team Houston helps you capitalize on the momentum and buzz of the event to gain additional exposure for your brand, products, services, website, and future events.

Before: Business Event Video Services

Video production begins long before the event. Start your special event marketing campaign by launching an event promotion video in email campaigns, on YouTube, and on social media sites. According to Forrester Research, an email containing a video link can increase click-through rates by up to 300 percent. With more people viewing the event promotion video, attendance will increase.

A Marketing Team Houston event videographer includes video previews of key speakers, and attendee testimonials to build awareness, interest, and credibility.

During: Event Video Production

The event videographer records the speakers and presentations for post-event use, allowing the event video production to reach a larger audience and positioning you as an expert.

Having the event videographer record attendee testimonials is a must. Including attendee testimonials in an event promotion video builds credibility, trust, and interest as well as enhancing your position as the expert. It also increases the likelihood that they will promote the video to their social networks.

It is important to use a professional event videographer. An amateurish event video production will make you look unprofessional and cause your online marketing efforts to fail. It defeats the goal of positioning yourself as the expert.

After: Event Video Services

The videographer returns to the studio where the event video services team then edits your production. You may then use your edited video to:

  • Communicate your message to those not in attendance
  • Position yourself as an expert to a larger audience
  • Increase your return on investment by extending the duration and exposure of your message
  • Use your event promotion video as authoritative content for your website, blog, social media sites, or sales collateral.

Event Video Production Testimonials

“Having customers schedule future events depends on their current event’s success. That’s why I recommend Ken’s event video services. Our customers get great results, and event video production has increased our repeat business. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in attendance with events promoted with video. An event promotion video creates more interest and motivation. It’s more engaging.” – Jorge Quinones, Executive Director, West Houston Community Center

“As a business coach, public speaking is key to acquiring new clients. Event video production helps me increase attendance with teasers, previews, and testimonials. Having an event videographer capture the event keeps the momentum going and exposes us to a larger audience long afterward. A much better return on our time, effort and money.” – Mike Rager, Business Coach / Public Speaker

Marketing Team Houston offers event video services throughout the greater Houston, Texas business community. From a pre-event promotion to sending an event videographer to your venue, your next event can be a resounding success.

Are you ready to seize the moment and get more exposure with event video production? Contact us now to learn more about these services.

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Special Event Promotion Video for Houston