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Houston Business Development Plans - Strategic Marketing PlansBusiness Development Plans chart a course for sales professionals and channel marketing partners to follow. These vital business development plans detail lead generation strategies, channel marketing strategies, sales training, sales tool development, and more.

Starting business plan development follows the development of your strategic marketing plan. It builds upon the target markets, value propositions, sales strategies and marketing materials defined in the strategic marketing plan. From there, your business development strategy defines how you will generate, qualify, and physically approach leads. Business development strategies also define: which tools will be used to pursue and close sales; sales training to use the sales tools effectively; channel marketing and sales strategies; and sales force motivation and incentives.

In addition to addressing elements such as channel marketing and sales training, business development strategies also define your ideal customer for your Houston business solutions. Ideal customer profiles define characteristics such as:

  • Industrial sector
  • Geographical location and other demographics
  • Size of organizations (including turnover, number of employees, revenues, etc.)
  • Financial trends
  • Philosophical compatibility

Successful business development strategies align with business and strategic marketing plans. Misalignments between these plans can result in: wasted sales efforts and investments; overlooked target markets; poor budgeting; missed channel marketing opportunities; insufficient sales training; and dismal results that do not meet the business or marketing plans’ expectations.

Business development plans should:

  • Be reviewed and revised quarterly.
  • List existing accounts and opportunities.
  • Contain a “Strategic Account Profile” to stay on target with actions.
  • Outline a plan for targeting new accounts.
  • Set goals for account visits and/or contacts on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
  • Define marketing support needed – i.e. qualified leads, sales training, seminars, channel marketing meetings, exhibition attendance, etc.
  • Contain action steps and prompt execution.
  • Be considered a living document with results tracked and adjustments made to the strategy based upon performance against the plan.

Marketing Team Houston offers comprehensive business development plan strategies including:

  • Sales strategy and tactics development
  • Channel marketing and alliance strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Sales training for new products or services

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Houston Business Development Plans - Strategic Marketing Plans