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Website Video Production - Internet Marketing Tools
While understanding the technologies involved in website video production is important, unless you (or your video production company) understand how to effectively communicate the benefits that your prospects are seeking, your gorgeously produced video will be nothing more than useless eye-candy. Website videos produced without this insight are a waste of time, money and effort.

The Key to a Successful Website Video Production

Whether you use a video production company or manage the production on your own, any successful online marketing video campaign must answer these questions:

What problems are your prospects facing? How will they benefit by using your products or services?

Once you understand these benefits, alert your video production company so they can highlight them in your video.

The Difference between Features and Benefits in a Web Video Production

It is not uncommon for a video production company to focus on features. These are the things that make your product what it is. For example, a tablet computer features an integrated webcam and wireless Internet access. While those features are nice to know about, how do they benefit the customer? One benefit may be that you can see and communicate with your loved ones around the world in real-time, while another is that you can save money on long distance fees. You must decide whether your product videos should focus on the webcam’s specifications or highlight the benefits that prospects will realize?

Professional Website Video Production

Once you understand the benefits of your product or service from your prospects’ perspective, you can begin the production process. We highly recommend the use of a professional video production company for the following reason: amateurish Web video production projects an amateurish perception of your company, product, or service in the minds of prospects. Not only that, an amateur website video production is one that is out there for the world to see! Do not cut corners on your business’ image; use a video production company!

As a video production company based in Houston Texas, Marketing Team Houston helps businesses connect with consumers and businesses through website video production. We take the time to understand our clients’ company, products, services, and customers. Most importantly, we look at these products and services from the customer’s perspective using a highly structured, in-depth strategy analysis. By understanding the benefits our clients’ customers are seeking, we are able to plan a Web video production that make that ever-important emotional connection.  Benefit-oriented website video production is our forte.

Beautifully produced product or testimonial videos without the real-world expertise to properly apply both the technology and the marketing message results in meaningless flash and glitter. Our ability to deliver a well-crafted video tailored to your target market and unique selling proposition comes from our expertise in both marketing and online video production. This two-pronged approach sets us apart from any other video production company.

Our Website Video Production Process

As a video production company, we have developed a proven online video production process that involves:

  • In-depth marketing strategy analysis
  • Professional script development
  • Experienced actors and actresses
  • Advanced video and audio recording studio sessions
  • Professional narration / voiceover talent
  • Advanced video and audio editing
  • Streaming video format delivery with crystal clear image and audio

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Website Video Production - Online Marketing Strategy