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Houston Website Development & Online MarketingWebsite development is critical to Internet marketing. However, the key to a successful online marketing plan is exploring strategies that will enhance your overall marketing and business objectives. A well-defined Internet marketing strategy covers everything from inbound marketing to positioning your custom website’s messages, generating targeted traffic, and building brand awareness.

As your Internet marketing strategy takes shape, website development will become necessary. After all, in today’s real-time, online marketplace, every company needs a solid Internet strategy and a user friendly website to validate, market, and sell your company, products, and services.

Website development can create websites that:

  • Generate direct sales
  • Generate leads
  • Distribute information
  • Distribute forms
  • Provide maps and directions
  • Support sales teams
  • Serve as online databases
  • And more…

Website development is an important part of any Internet marketing strategy. However, the first step in developing an online marketing strategy is NOT website development. Companies often roll out traditional and Internet marketing materials prematurely with disastrous results. You could waste money on the wrong materials, generate inconsistent messages that are out of alignment with your brand, lose time redoing or correcting website development activities, or fail to generate revenue because your sales team is not prepared or equipped to convert leads.

While “analysis paralysis” should be avoided, basic planning and a solid Internet marketing implementation plan are critical to a successful rollout. The first step in creating an effective Internet marketing strategy is to make sure you have the following:

  • A good business plan
  • A strategic marketing plan
  • A business development strategy or sales plan

These plans define your business, marketing budget, products and services, target customers, value proposition, and more. Your Internet marketing strategy leverages these plans to ensure consistency. From there, you can define your Internet marketing deliverables and start creating a new website with a single purpose: to prompt visitors to take the action that you desire, i.e. your call to action.

Marketing Team Houston can help with all aspects of Internet strategy development including:

  • Business, strategic marketing, and business development plans
  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Website development (Website planning, Website design, and Website programming)
  • Branding
  • And much more…

Our complete range of website development services ensure the creation of a great custom website that is always up and ready for your clients to use. Start your Internet marketing strategy by contacting us now.

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