Marketing Materials Development for Houston Businesses

Marketing Materials Development for Houston BusinessesBusiness and strategic marketing plans provide a strong foundation upon which to build. The next step involves developing your advertising, marketing, and sales materials.

Always refer to your marketing plan before considering any type of marketing material production, including tradeshow and event marketing materials. Why? Because your strategic marketing plan describes your target market, budget, value proposition, and distribution channels. Use all of these elements to create compelling advertising campaigns and presentation materials for event marketing, tradeshow events, advertising, direct mailers, and more.

Strategic marketing plans can help you align your advertising and traditional marketing materials with your target market. Use the information outlined in your strategic marketing plan to create compelling advertising that positions your solution as the solution of choice for your target market.

Whether you’re developing advertising for a traditional advertising campaign, tradeshow, or event marketing campaign, your understanding of your target market, value proposition, and distribution channels can serve as a guide. Remember, the goal of any good marketing development team is to create compelling advertising that positions your solution as the solution of choice for your target market.

For example, if your plan specifies event marketing and targets lawyers, create tradeshow advertising materials that appeal to lawyers and address their problems. Your tradeshow and event marketing materials should show that not only do you understand their problems, you have the solution.

To be effective, your advertising and marketing materials must define your best prospects’ characteristics and show:

  • What problem you can solve for them
  • Demonstrate that you understand their problem and are capable of solving it
  • Show that you understand their pain and the consequences of not solving the problem
  • Define the benefits that come with solving the problem
  • Describe your solution
  • Explain why your solution is better than your competition’s solution
  • Provide examples that justify why your solution should be chosen over your competitor’s

Marketing Team Houston specializes in developing a full range of traditional and event marketing materials, such as:

  • Branding of companies, products, or services for new launches
  • Market communications
  • Advertising including:
    • Direct mail
    • Sales collateral
    • Trade show advertising
    • Event marketing and promotion
  • Company slide sets
  • Promotional materials
  • Customer proposals
  • Channel marketing
  • Partnering and alliance marketing materials

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Marketing Materials Development for Houston Businesses