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Marketing Team Houston is a marketing company consisting of a team of professional consultants with a broad range of marketing backgrounds and talents who have been successful at bringing world-class company strategies to small and mid-market companies, and making a significant difference in their marketing results.  Our team can supplement your current marketing staff, or serve as your on-demand marketing department.  Whether you need strategic marketing, video marketing or Internet marketing … when you think about marketing, think about Marketing Team Houston.

Client Benefits

Marketing Team Houston clients benefit in the following ways:

  • More Qualified Sales Leads – MTH Lead Generation and Lead Management Strategies deliver the right number of leads to your sales team based upon your Value Proposition and Target Markets.
  • Higher Close Sales Ratios – Close more sales, win more business, with MTH’s Business Development Strategies and Sales Tools.
  • Investing In Profitability – Maximize your company’s Profitability by investing in proven Marketing Strategies and the best Marketing Projects.
  • Brand Ownership – Establish your Brand, in your Target Markets, as the Market Leader.  Leverage your successes to demonstrate your market dominance in your selected market.
  • Save Time and Money – By clearly defining your Marketing Strategy upfront and doing it right the first time.  We create deliverables that are effective and save our clients’ time and money by doing it right the very first time.
  • Only Pay For What You Use – Our clients receive the benefit of on-demand marketing expertise.  Only pay for what you need and use. No wasted overhead by having underutilized marketing staffs or resources.  Our client’s hire us when they have a major project, product launch or promotion, and when it is over, there are no additional expenses.    No long-term contract requirements and no minimum fees per month.

Our Process

Marketing Team Houston helps our clients define and develop their marketing vision and turn it into a solid strategic marketing plan that is positioned to support the company’s overall business objectives.  Our engagements can begin at any point on the Marketing Continuum, but the key to successful marketing is to ensure that each step in the process is well thought out and in strategic alignment with all other steps.

Marketing expertise and experience for Houston businesses

We then utilize our consulting team to develop marketing strategies, implementation plans and drive the successful implementation of their marketing deliverables. Each project is staffed by a team best suited to meet the clients’ objectives.  The project team is assembled based upon the client needs, project objectives, the specific industry of the client, and the expected project deliverables.

Our expert team of consultants utilizes well-defined Project Management Processes (PMP) to systematically drive the collection of all critical marketing data and objectives for each project, define the key project deliverables, and then relentlessly drive the project from concept to successful conclusion.

Ask & Answer the Tough Questions

Marketing Team Houston consultants collaborate with our clients’ key business and marketing decision makers to ask and answer the tough marketing questions such as:

  • Can you describe the typical demographics of your target market?
  • What does your target customer look like?  How would you recognize them if you met them on the street?
  • What problem do your prospects need to solve?
  • What challenges do they face when trying to solve this problem?
  • What are the consequences if the problem is not solved?
  • What benefits do your prospects hope to realize when the problem is solved?
  • What is your solution to your prospects’ problem?
  • What are your prospects’ other choices for a solution?
  • How is your solution different and better, than your competition?
  • Can you define reasons to justify why your prospects should choose your solution over your competitors?

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of over 100 years of combined marketing experience to rely upon.  We have provided marketing and business consulting to companies of all sizes and in all phases of development, developed compelling value propositions, created company and product branding strategies, and implemented strategic marketing programs designed to promote and sell products and services.

Marketing Team Houston, your marketing staff, ready when you need us!  Contact us today to learn more about Marketing Team Houston!

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