Hewlett-Packard Corporation Computer Services Marketing

Hewlett-Packard Corporation Computer Services MarketingDeveloped and Implemented Successful Tradeshow Event Strategy


HP traditionally displayed the entire portfolio of HP computing products and services at the SAP Sapphire Tradeshow each year with one very large booth and many displays. Because of the complexity of the large booth, one of HP’s newest computer management services, SAP IT Outsourcing, became ‘lost’ in and among all of the other products and services. Outsourcing Services Marketing wanted the SAP Service Product to be highlighted and much more visible at this tradeshow which was expecting over 25,000 attendees.

Hewlett-Packard Corporation Computer Services MarketingOpportunity

The question posed was how to increase the visibility of SAP IT Outsourcing Services at the major Sapphire Tradeshow event of the year.

Actions Taken

  • Created a team of marketers with cross-functional views representing various related organizations to create a meaningful and complementary event; HP Consulting Services and IT Outsourcing Services.
  • Developed a strategy and proposal to allow the two groups to sponsor a standalone booth for outsourcing and consulting. The objective was to increase market awareness and leads for these groups.
  • Upon approval and funding, managed the design and implementation of a new approach utilizing a comedy skit to draw viewers to the booth, highlight the key differentiators, and increase direct contact with potential clients.
  • Laid out the booth with seating nearest the show walkways to enable crowd access while positioning the conference tables behind the stage. This enabled interested viewers easy access to SAP Consultants after each skit.
  • Advertised the event and major ‘giveaway’ to key potential clients in advance of the show with special invitations to meet key managers.
  • Used the comedy skit and giveaways to capture tradeshow attention and set up a leads data base collection using a targeted questionnaire.


  • Hewlett-Packard Corporation Computer Services MarketingComedy skit was a show hit, with maximum seating attendance at each session.
  • Pre-mailing and invitations brought in pre-qualified visitors.
  • Event raised overall market awareness of the SAP IT Outsourcing and Consulting Services.
  • Captured over 300 qualified leads for the sales team.
  • Created 3 major business opportunities.
  • Overall, the booth and marketing approach was judged to be a success and was duplicated in similar tradeshow events.