Web Video Increases Online Sales with Major Retailers by 20%

Pam Grace Creations


Pam Grace Creations is a small company that created a good niche in the B2C marketplace by selling their baby nursery décor products online, as well as in retail stores. (i.e.: Walmart; Amazon; Toys-R-Us; Babies-R-Us; Kohl’s; and Target).  Big competitors invaded their space challenging their market share.


To position Pam Grace’s products as different and better than the competition by reinforcing their value proposition to new expectant moms that want an elegant nursery on a tight budget.

Actions Taken

As with all our clients, the first step was a marketing strategy consulting workshop.  We took the time to understand the clients’ products from the customers’ perspective; focusing on the customer’s problem; the challenges they face when trying to solve that problem; the consequences if they do not solve the problem; the benefits expected when the right solution is found; how Pam Grace’s products solve the problem; why Pam Grace’s products are better and different than the competition.

We positioned Pam Grace as the obvious choice by making an important emotional connection with her target market and differentiating her products via quality, extra features, and the simplicity of decorating an entire baby nursery from a single bag that is affordable to any mom with a tight budget.

Our Web videos portrayed a storyline built entirely around the benefit to the customer and made an emotional connection by relating to the customer’s dilemma and challenges.  Telling this benefits based storyline via customer testimonials delivered credibility by demonstrating Pam Grace had delivered on her promise to others, alleviating buying fears.

Green screen (chroma-key) studio technology provided a magical transformation of an empty room into an elegant baby nursery, reinforcing the simplicity and elegance of Pam Grace’s products.


Online sales with the major retailers increased 20% in the first month.  Pam Grace was the first with Web video in her market niche.  She has maintained her edge against the big company competition.