Promotional Video Increases Qualified Leads and Shortens Sales Cycle

Seal Southwest


Seal Southwest provided preservative treatments for wood, masonry, and concrete for both residential and commercial properties.  Prospects did not understand the difference between their services and a contractor with a pick up truck and a portable pressure washer.


Re-position the competition as a waste of time and money by educating prospects about the added benefits the preservative treatment provides.

Actions Taken

A promotional video with a benefits based storyline took the audience through the actual treatment of an entire cedar house from start to finish.  A humorous main character connected with the audience as he faced the challenge of finding a lasting solution that reduced maintenance time, effort and cost.  Customer testimonials presented the key selling points, highlighted the benefits, and alleviated buying fears.  This was done by educating and informing, not a sales pitch.  Before and after video of the property provided a strong contrast to reinforce the benefits.

Video was recorded at the job-site, so the audience could see the Seal Southwest crew in action.  Our humorous main character was recorded in the studio with green screen (chroma-key) technology, and edited into the job site to keep the audience engaged.

The video was delivered on looping DVD and Blu-ray Disc for trade show presentations.  The Seal Southwest Web site also showcased the video.


  • 25% increase in trade show booth attendance
  • Higher quality sales leads from trade shows and the Web site reduced cost per sales lead by 58%
  • Prospects understand the service and are ready to talk details
  • Shortened sales cycle by 18% because qualified prospects understood the value proposition and didn’t waste time pursuing pressure washing