Promotional Video Generates Qualified Leads & Boosts Profits

Video production for promoting and advertising Houston businesses


It was very difficult for Coder Camps to make the value of their training clearly visible to their prospective students and hiring partners.


Coder Camps looked at a number of options for advertising their training program and selected Marketing Team Houston to act as their marketing staff on this project. This was a great opportunity to leverage the persuasive power of testimonial videos to make a personal connection with Coder Camps target market.

Actions Taken

Marketing Team Houston reviewed Coder Camps’ objectives and then recommended a series of videos of happy students, and employers, expressing the key value points that clearly define Coder Camps value proposition and resonate with prospective students and hiring partners.

The videos were recorded with our green screen (chroma-key) technology, which enabled us to record the student testimonials in our studio, and then edit the students into the classroom setting without disrupting the classes.

The videos were produced in Hi-Def and packaged for the Coder Camps’ website. There are also future options to use the videos in a series of DVD or Blu-ray sales packages.


Rapid growth in student enrollment created significant profit increases, which greatly exceeded the video production investment in short order. The hiring partner video has been instrumental in recruiting additional employers to hire Coder Camps graduates.

A Few Kind Words From Our Client

“We knew our videos were going to be one of our prospects’ first impressions. Professional video production is important to our image, we certainly didn’t want to look amateurish, but just as important is having our message connect on a personal level. Their team took the time to understand our services from our prospects’ perspective, and craft a compelling message. Their decades of video production expertise was obvious from the script, to the video shoot, and on through to the final edits. Our videos are helping us stand out as the obvious choice for our prospects.”

David Graham
Coder Camps