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Houston Business Plans - Strategic Marketing PlansGreat ideas for a business, product, or service coupled with good intentions and hard work do not always materialize into a productive business or a successful product or service.  Unfortunately, many ideas and ventures lack a true focus. Business plans play a critical role in the successful launch of a new business or new products and services. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and visionary business owners simply lack the time to take the first step and start business plan development. Others may be intimidated by the thought of creating a financial model or defining business objectives.

Lenders and investors often request business plans with a basic financial model before they will provide any funding.  The business plan outlines your business objectives, describes your offering, defines your expected customer base, describes actions, and projects your costs and revenues. They serve as a blueprint upon which to build.

However, business plans do not need to be wordy and complicated. Nor should they be approached as academic exercises that generate documents that no one will ever read. The most effective business plans are living documents that change, grow, and evolve as your ideas, business objectives, and financial model evolve and become clearer.

Good business plans:

  • Describe business objectives
  • Describe products and services
  • Define the target market (your ideal customers)
  • Define the timeline and when key actions and events will occur
  • Detail the financial model such as: estimated revenue, costs, investments, profits, and return on investment – all mapped to the timeline

Marketing Team Houston specializes in helping our clients develop business plans complete with a financial model, operational plans, and strategies designed to achieve their business objectives.

Our plans start with a high level statement of your business objectives. From there, we:

  • Define the “Strategy and Tactics” of your business
  • Develop a financial model
  • Create a basic operational plan

After creating your plan, we help you understand how your business objectives and financial model should align with your marketing efforts. We follow with a strategic marketing plan to support the creation of your revenue stream.

Are you ready to build on your ideas and business objectives? Business plans serve as the blueprint for all of your Houston business solutions. Contact us now to get started.

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Houston Business Plans - Strategic Marketing Plans