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Product Demo Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

As you plan your product demo video, you are probably thinking about telling the world how great your product is. After all, isn’t that what an online marketing video should do? If this is your way of thinking, think again. Your product video has a much more important job to do: It must engage your viewers.

If your product video is destined for the Web, you have a huge challenge to overcome: short attention spans. Web users are simply too busy to put up with a product demo video that does not engage them. If a visitor is currently in the early phase of your lead generation efforts, that visitor will be willing to spend less time watching a product demonstration video than one who has moved further through your sales funnel. In both cases, your product video needs to get to the point of the material quickly.

In fact, you may only have 30 to 90 seconds for your newest leads! The chart below illustrates audience drop-off over time.

Product Demo Video Production for Houston Businesses

How to Engage Viewers with a Product Demo Video

If you only have 30 to 90 seconds, how can your product video engage visitors? Your product demo video must immediately spark interest – within seconds. A good product demo video answers the question “What’s in it for me?” or else viewers will tune out.

  • Focus your product demonstration video on:
  • The problem your product solves for prospects
  • The challenges your prospects face
  • The consequences your prospects face if they cannot solve the problem
  • Your solution
  • The benefits your prospects receive by choosing your solution
  • How your solution is different or better than others

In short, it is essential to remember everything in your product video must center on the benefits that your prospects will realize with your product.

Your demo video does more than describe a product. When properly produced, a product demonstration video also positions you as the Houston business solution expert. Consider this: By educating prospects with value-added content such as a product video, visitors will stay on your site up to four times longer, building trust, and helping create buying intention. Not only that, a product demonstration video that positions you as an expert can also dramatically increase the number and quality of prospects who follow through on your calls to action.

In order to produce a product demonstration video that can do all of the above, you will need a video production company that understands the importance of creating a benefits-focused product video. Houston Texas is home to Marketing Team Houston, a video production company that has specialized in strategic marketing videos since 1992.

What makes us unique is the convergence of two specialties (state-of-the-art video technology expertise and real world, strategic marketing expertise) into one product video powerhouse. Our product demonstration video expertise goes beyond flash and glitter – we deliver benefits-focused marketing messages tailored to your unique selling proposition and targeted audience. The end result is a video that connects with your prospects, keeps them engaged, and prompts them to take action. Our clients see results because we go beyond technology driven solutions and approach product demonstration video production with user benefits in mind.

We understand that no one wants to watch a product video that speaks about how great a product is. An effective product video must convince prospects that you can solve their problems, using a soft sell, benefits-focused approach.

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