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Houston Texas - Product Demonstration Video ExpertiseWhen you think of Houston, Texas, what comes immediately to mind? Sunshine? Texas oil fields? Performing arts? Golf? NASA? Job opportunities? How about all of the above? Whether you’re looking for a great place to live, visit, work, or set up a business, Houston offers something for virtually everyone – and, at 600 square miles, it has room to spare.

Houston, Texas currently has a metropolitan population of 5.7 million with growth projections over the next two decades predicting 30 percent growth. Not only is Houston itself huge, it is part of an even larger Texas metroplex which is known as the Texaplex. This enormous metropolitan area encompasses some of the largest cities in both Texas and the U.S.

The economy of Houston, Texas is impressive, out-ranking many of the world’s richest nations as the 30th largest global economy. Among the largest industries in Houston are:

  • Transportation
  • Texas energy and oil production
  • Technology
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Aeronautics
  • Finance

In addition to attracting businesses across a diverse list of industries, many Fortune 500 companies call Houston home; only one other city contains more Fortune 500 companies.

Houston, Texas attracts residents for many reasons including the job opportunities afforded by these industrial giants, warm weather, cultural attractions, and affordable housing. This popular Texas city has received accolades from numerous publications touting it as being one of the best cities for college graduates, best cities to buy a home, and best places for business and careers.

Spend some time in Houston, Texas and find out exactly how business-friendly and livable it truly is.

Product Demo Video Production for Houston Businesses

Marketing Team Houston is a video marketing firm that helps Houston businesses with product demo video production. Whether you need to produce a product demonstration video or want a comprehensive product video strategy that includes both production and marketing services, Marketing Team Houston has your product demo video needs covered.

Before your product demonstration video is scheduled for production, Marketing Team Houston first conducts an in-depth marketing analysis of your product or service. This understanding is vital to the success of your product video.

From there, the product demo video script will be written and polished, actors cast, and production scheduled. The shooting of the product demonstration video can take place on location or at Marketing Team Houstons’ video production studio. After shooting the product video, the post-production phase begins where editors will edit it into its final, polished form.

That’s not the end of the process. Marketing Team Houston then implements a structured marketing strategy for your product demonstration video that positions your product as the obvious choice and builds a compelling business case for your company. If you’re looking for a comprehensive product video solution that includes everything that you need for success, contact Marketing Team Houston today.

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