Sales Tools & Materials – Development & Production

Sales Tools & Materials - Development & Production
Using sales tools and marketing material to pitch your Houston business solutions makes sense. After all, marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards, product samples, and other sales materials can lead customers through the sales cycle. However, before you place an order for marketing materials, you must first have a clearly defined business plan, marketing plan, and business development strategy in place.

  • Business plans set the budget for sales tools and marketing materials.
  • Marketing plans define target markets and a compelling value proposition.
  • Business development plans define the sales force, how it will sell, and your channel strategy. For example, do you sell directly? Do you use resellers or distributors? Are you partnering with others? This information is necessary for selling effectively and avoiding channel marketing conflicts.

Once these plans are developed and related marketing materials defined, start arming your sales force with appropriate sales tools and brochures. Naturally, you will need to define and create your sales tools so they support your sales team’s efforts in making a good first impression and generating interest before attempting the sales pitch. Try to position your company and provide a clear reason why prospects should listen to you in one crisp sentence.  Also utilize your sales pitch to help raise objections from the client, and then embrace the objections. Objections indicate that prospects are considering your words and giving you a sales opportunity.

Sales tools and marketing materials lead customers through your sales cycle. Use sales collateral to introduce concepts, position your company, define competitive advantages, provide supporting figures, handle objections, deliver silver bullets, and provide pricing information. Marketing materials and brochures require regular updates as your products and strategies adjust to changing markets and customer requirements.

Marketing Team Houston provides a full range of sales tools including:

  • Print media
  • Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Product samples
  • Business cards
  • Slide sets
  • Proposal materials
  • Promotional videos

Which sales tools are best for your particular sales approach? Marketing Team Houston can help you find out and create them for you. Get started today.

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