Marketing Campaign – Health Care
Diagnostic Imaging Practice

Marketing Campaign for Digital MammographyIncreased New Physician Referrals By 20%


A Marketing Team Houston consultant worked with the leading, private diagnostic imaging practice in New York City with four locations throughout the Upper East Side. New competition, growing hospital facilities, changing insurance reimbursement guidelines, and difficulty in increasing physician referrals were only a few challenges that the practice faced. Internally, employee attrition was on the rise as hospitals were offering higher pay and benefit packages. The overall patient experience, once heralded as the best in the city, was also faltering.


As the face of healthcare turned more into a competitive business, the challenge was finding the right balance between operational efficiencies and exceptional standard of care for all patients. It became necessary to evaluate all processes from their foundations as well as take the time to communicate with patients and referring offices to better understand the evolving needs. In short, it was imperative to find a way to exceed patient expectations while making the referring physician’s job easier and make them look good in the eyes and minds of the patient.

Actions Taken

  • Conducted in-depth operations analysis across all locations.
  • Interview and survey available referring physicians for needs and expectations.
  • Develop on-going patient satisfaction and expectation survey (manual and online) to keep track of successes and areas of improvement.
  • Launched new modality (digital mammography) direct-to-patients in multi-tiered marketing campaign.
  • Targeted new referring physician groups (podiatrists) for interventional radiology services.
  • Created educational workshop programs for referring physicians.
  • Expanded and trained sales team for more “on the street” initiatives.
  • Elevated existing marketing materials with updated and relevant information and branding.
  • Introduced confidential employee comment box and annual evaluation protocol to increase feedback and communication among internal team.


  • Achieved operational goal of digital mammography within 3 months of launch.
  • Increased new physician referrals by 20% and increased current physician referrals by 12% compared to previous year.
  • Dramatically decreased employee attrition by 75% and increased company morale and job satisfaction by 50% (based on confidential internal survey)
  • Practice considered “Top in Class” across several insurance payers, and increased reimbursement rates by 2 insurance carriers by 15 to 20%.