Houston Texas – A Great Place for a Business Event, Video Production, and More

Houston Texas Event Video ProductionHouston, Texas is the largest city in Texas, and is home to a diverse and increasingly international population. Roughly 21 percent of metropolitan Houston residents were born outside of the United States. The bulk of Houston’s foreign-born population comes from south of the border while another one in five comes from Asia. The diverse culture is reflected in Houston, TX’s most cherished events such as the Houston Greek Festival, the Houston International Festival, Bayou City Art Festival, Houston Pride, and the Houston Art Car Parade.

You may recall Houston, TX’s role in the NASA space program. NASA’s Lyndon Johnson Space Center is located in Houston, Texas, earning Houston the spacey – but official – nickname of “Space City” in 1967. While aerospace plays an important part in the history and economy of Houston, TX, other industries thrive in this vast city including energy, health care, and education.

Houston, Texas is home to a major port – the fourth largest in the United States. The Port of Houston is actively involved in international trade. According to the Greater Houston Partnership, in 2006 the port generated the following trade volumes:

  • Europe – 32 percent
  • Latin America – 22 percent
  • Asia/Pacific Rim – 15 percent
  • North America – 13 percent
  • Africa – 12 percent
  • Middle East – 7 percent

Houston, Texas is a thriving metropolis well known for its port and oil and gas industry. Houston is also a business-friendly city that attracts businesses across virtually all industries ranging from tourism, technology, and health care to construction, education, and professional services. Houston’s convention center and business meeting venues entice businesses to trade shows, conferences, seminars, workshops, and other business events. As such, a business event support industry thrives in Houston, TX as well offering a range of services such as hospitality, catering, printing, tours, and event video production.

Marketing Team Houston, a local event video production company, serves Houston businesses. Offering a variety of event video services for conferences, seminars, and public speaking events, Marketing Team Houston is an effective event videographer. Event promotion video strategies cover pre-event, event, and post-event video production.

Managers of venues, event promoters, and public speakers alike take advantage of professional event video services to promote and document the event and use the event videographer to record testimonials from attendees. Clients can use an event promotion video to increase attendance, generate interest, and build credibility. During the event, the event videographer captures the moment by recording presentations and testimonials.

Other crucial event video services include post-event editing. Like the event promotion video, the final event video production can generate interest as well as communicate the company’s message to a larger audience. Whether you want to include complete presentations in the final event video production or highlights (or both), you can leverage event video services to reach a larger audience.

In addition to a greater reach, you can use the event video production in a myriad of ways including repurposing some of the event videographer’s footage into content for your website, blog, or promotional items. Your event video services team can help you create short clips perfect for sharing on social media sites or uploading to your blog.

In addition, snippets of the footage can be used in your next event promotion video to promote your next event. By including the testimonials previously recorded by the event videographer, you can increase interest and build excitement for the next event.

If you need event video services in Houston, Texas, Marketing Team Houston stands out from the crowd. Taking a before, during, and after approach and using professional event videographer teams and equipment, Marketing Team Houston produces lasting results. Find out how you can position yourself as an expert and spread your message by contacting us now.

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