Houston Texas Businesses Profit From Online Video Marketing

Houston Texas Businesses Profit From Online Video MarketingHouston, Texas with its growing metropolitan population of over 5.7 million residents is part of an even larger Texas region known as the “Texaplex.” If you’ve heard of a metroplex before, think of the Texaplex as a Texas-sized version of one. Comprised of Houston and other major Texas cities, the Texaplex is home to 80 percent of the state’s residents.

While its position in the Texaplex is impressive, Houston, Texas stands out as an economic powerhouse in its own right. In fact, Houston’s economy ranks up there with some of the top nations in the world; it comes in as the 30th largest economy in the world. Many Texas industries call Houston home including the oil industry. Houston, Texas also has the second highest number of Fortune 500 companies based here. Houston has been ranked as the top city in the U.S. for job creation; it has been named by Forbes as a top-ten “up and coming tech city”; and Houston, Texas has been named as one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas for women-owned businesses.

With its warm weather and plentiful attractions, this Texas city woos tourists and retirees alike, opening up yet two more economic channels. Houston, Texas is a livable city where the temperature dips to below freezing just a handful of days each winter. Golfer’s flock to Houston Texas for year-round golf while art-loving tourists and residents alike enjoy its vibrant theater district – all 17 city blocks of it.

From livability to workability – and everything in between – Houston is a power to be reckoned with!

Online Video Marketing in Houston, Texas

Does your business have an online video marketing plan? Marketing Team Houston specializes in helping Houston Texas businesses reach more customers, engage them, convert them, and nurture them. Using an Internet video marketing process known as the “video-to-lead” funnel, Marketing Team Houston produces not just one promotional video, but a series of them that work together.

The broadest part of this unique online video marketing strategy involves creating promotional video clips that engage viewers and build trust. For instance, a virtual spokesperson could take viewers on a virtual tour of your website or point them to a series of informative promotional video segments.

In order for Internet video marketing to be successful, viewers must ultimately perform the desired action. From opting into your list or requesting information, the next online video marketing strategy involves converting viewers.

After viewers have responded to your call to action, the final stage of Internet video marketing is the nurture stage. Here, you’ll use promotional video clips to nurture your website visitors and entice them to become customers. If you’re interested in a Houston Internet video marketing strategy that guides viewers through a sales funnel, contact Marketing Team Houston today.

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