Convincing Your Customers to Give Video Testimonials

No doubt, video testimonials are powerful, but how do you convince your customers to give them? After all,shooting a video is more intimidating and time consuming than writing a few sentences of praise. Below are a few ideas that can help.

  1. Understand the objections your customers may have. Spend time identifying common objections customers may have to giving a video testimonial. There are many ways to do this including surveys and polls, brainstorming, and informal focus groups.
  2. Come up with solutions to those objections. Once you’ve identified the most likely objections, come up with solutions. For example, a customer may not mind giving saying a few words on camera, but may worry about taking a day off work to travel to a studio. A solution to this is to shoot the video testimonial at the customer’s office or home. Another customer may be worried about stuttering or not knowing what to say once the camera is rolling. A solution could involve multiple takes and preparing a script in advance.
  3. Make video testimonials easy. Depending on your business and clientele, you may want to keep a small video camera with you at all times and offer to record the testimonial on the spot. For example, if you own a mobile dog grooming operation, you could record the video after the dog is groomed. Imagine how lovely it would be to have the customer holding a freshly clipped poodle as she raves about your service. Another easy option is to allow customers to upload their own video testimonials via your website. The downside to this is that you have less control over the production values of the finished video. If you conduct seminars, workshops, or classes, set up a video testimonial shooting booth in a quiet area and let participants know about it. At the end of the session, hold a video testimonial shoot.
  4. Ask at the right time. The best time to ask is when customers are grateful for your product or service. At this point, they want to help you because you have helped them. Ideally, you’ll ask before the novelty has worn off. Sure, they’re still happy, but they may not be as motivated to give a video testimonial.
  5. Offer an incentive. Most satisfied customers are happy to spread the word on their own. However, because video can intimidate some, a small incentive could nudge those who are nervous about the process. Be careful though because you’ll want to avoid any situation where you might have to label the testimonial as a “paid endorsement.” Think of small items that serve as gestures of appreciation such as a logo coffee mug or keychain. Regardless of whether or not you offer an incentive, make sure to thank your customer for helping you or considering your request.

By understanding common objections, offering solutions, making it easy, asking at the right time, and thanking the customer, you’ll be on the right track for convincing your customers to give video testimonials.