Online Video Making: The Set

After deciding to produce an online video and choosing a video production company, your next major decision involves whether to shoot the video on location or in the studio. When you opt for a studio production, several factors are involved including the set and lighting. Here’s a brief snapshot of what to expect.

Studio Sets

Studio sets can be as basic or elaborate as you need them to be. The most basic set is a simple backdrop, perhaps with a couple of chairs. If you need to create a specific setting such as an office, conference room, or hospital room, props and structural features will need to be added. Obviously, the more elaborate the set, the more costs you’ll likely see – especially if the studio has to custom build the set.

Studio Lighting

Video production studios typically come equipped with lighting equipment. A large grid hangs above the studio where the lights can be hung and adjusted. Lighting is an art and necessary for crisp video images. The lighting director consults with the stage director to create a lighting plan for your production. Much of this will happen behind the scenes before the shoot is scheduled, and you may never see the lighting team at work. Some lights, will light the set while others will light the talent, adding depth, contrast, and highlights.

The Video Production Crew

When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be greeted by a video production crew member who will tell you exactly wear to stand or sit as well as provide you with basic instructions for the shoot. Among the crew members you’ll likely encounter are camera operators, production assistants, the director, and the floor director. During the shoot, each crew member will be wearing a headset and receiving instructions from the director. The floor director will give you direction such as counting down the minutes and seconds until cameras start recording, indicating which camera you should be looking into, and cueing you as to the amount of time you have left.

What Else to Expect

Upon arrival, expect to be fitted with a wireless microphone and asked to do a sound check. The microphone will likely be turned on, so be aware of what you say even before shooting begins. If you must hold a confidential conversation, find out how to switch off the microphone beforehand.

The temperature in the studio will be cold initially as it’s important to keep television and video production equipment cool. However, once the lights come on, you’ll find that the room heats up. You may want to bring a sweater or jacket to wear off camera and then take it off just before shooting begins.

Shooting an online video in a studio allows for greater control over the environment. Much of the work will take place behind the scenes, allowing you to show up and perform.