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Internet Marketing Videos for Social MediaAs far as traditional media goes, Houston is primarily served by network-affiliate television stations (KTRK-TV, KPRC-TV, KRIV-TV, and KHOU-TV), public broadcasting stations (KUHT, KUHF, and KUHA), and one major daily newspaper (the Houston Chronicle). Its public television station, KUHT, or HoustonPBS as its known, is notable for being the nation’s first public television station.

While traditional media continues to serve residents and businesses in Texas in various capacities, social media has emerged – and it is going strong. In March 2012, the Houston Business Journal announced its participation in the “Social Madness” corporate media campaign. This challenge encourages Houston businesses and other cities to grow their social media presence. Many are up for the task with some social media marketing companies adding social media videos to the mix.

Social Media Video Makes Sense

If your business is one of the 61 percent using social media, producing social media videos makes sense as part of your online marketing strategy.  Social media video can drive more traffic, engage visitors, build brand awareness, and increase loyalty. Any social media marketing company knows strategic placement allows you to reach users where they’re spending most (over 22 percent) of their time online.

Social media marketing companies recommend implementing social media video because Americans stream an average of 201 website videos each month. Whether the video has been produced by a social media marketing company or not, when users share social media marketing videos, they become advocates for your brand.

Any competent social media company understands that online video consumption is hot. The big players are YouTube, Google (which owns YouTube), and Facebook. Unfortunately, not all social media marketing companies have the combination of video production and marketing expertise to truly leverage social media video. Marketing Team Houston is one of Houston’s social media marketing companies that does.

As a social media company, Marketing Team Houston has in-depth, real-world marketing expertise and understands the role of social media in building relationships, connecting emotionally, and ultimately converting prospects into customers. As a social media marketing company with extensive video production expertise, Marketing Team Houston has the tools to convey your unique selling position through social media video.

Why choose a run-of-the-mill social media company, when you can choose a full service social media marketing company instead?  Marketing Team Houston specializes in using social media video to convert more prospects into customers and more customers into advocates for your Houston, Texas business.

Marketing Team Houston is much more than your average social media company. Ready to take your social media video efforts to the next level? Get started.

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