Houston Texas Businesses Connect with B2B Video Marketing

Houston Texas Businesses Connect with B2B Video MarketingHouston, Texas is a thriving city and an important part of the “Texaplex.” Haven’t heard of the Texaplex? Like everything in Texas, the megalopolis surrounding Houston is supersized and deserving of its own name. The Texaplex is a triangular shaped slice of Texas containing Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston. This region houses 80 percent of the state’s 24 million residents.

In the greater Houston, Texas metropolitan area (Houston-Sugarland-Baytown), you’ll find 5.7 million residents – dramatically more than the entire populations of over 30 states! The sheer size of Houston positions it as a major player in Texas, the United States, and the world. What’s more, Houston, Texas is still growing and is expected to grow another 30 percent in the next 20 years.

Does Houston have the space for all this growth? You bet it does. At roughly 600 square miles, the cities of New York, Miami, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco would all fit nicely within its Texas-sized boundaries. In addition to its huge population, the area attracts large numbers of tourists who fly into Texas to enjoy nearby beaches, a thriving historic district, museums, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and other attractions.

Houston, Texas is clearly huge, and it has an economy to match. When compared with the world’s nations, Houston’s economy would rank as the world’s 30th largest. Among its best known industries are: Texas oil and energy, transportation, aerospace, technology, and finance. Small businesses thrive in Houston, Texas as well with businesses, independent professionals, and service providers of all types proudly serving other Houston businesses and residents.

B2B Video Marketing in Houston, Texas

Marketing Team Houston follows a unique B2B marketing philosophy involving what it calls the “video-to-lead funnel.” This funnel typically involves more than one corporate video with a series of videos designed to take viewers through the process of being engaged, converted, and nurtured.

For example, businesses throughout Houston Texas count on Marketing Team Houston for B2B video marketing and business video production services. This B2B video marketing strategy is similar to the sales funnel you may already be used to. At the top of the funnel, your B2B marketing efforts will be focused on sparking an interest with site visitors and building trust. For example, a corporate video spokesperson might greet visitors and share useful tidbits of information.

As the funnel narrows, visitors are exposed to a different type of business video. Still engaging and informative, the videos now aim to convert the visitor. This phase of B2B video marketing may focus on prompting visitors to sign up for a newsletter or contact you for additional information. Since earlier B2B marketing videos built trust, following up with a corporate video with a strong call to action is crucial.

The next B2B marketing step involves using a nurturing business video where you use corporate video to close the deal. For a complete business video marketing strategy in Houston, contact Marketing Team Houston today.

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