B2B Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

You have invested thousands of dollars and countless man-hours into your website, and visitors are arriving. However, is your website living up to its full potential? It can generate more sales leads than any other medium, but there’s more involved than simply attracting traffic. When coupled with B2B marketing and online video marketing strategies, you can build trust and draw visitors further into your site. You’ll need more than a single corporate online sales video in order for your B2B video marketing campaign to be successful. In fact, you will need a complete B2B marketing strategy that is subtle, engaging, and valuable.

The Magnet Approach to B2B Video Marketing

It is tempting to use business video as a platform for showcasing your goods and services. This “bullhorn” approach can cause your B2B video campaign to backfire. First, your prospects aren’t ready for promotional B2B marketing messages because they don’t trust you yet. They’re simply too busy to watch another self-serving corporate video.

Instead of using a B2B marketing bullhorn style, which causes prospects to tune out your business video, use a magnet style, which draws them in. For example, instead of creating a B2B marketing business video that plays like an advertisement, produce corporate promotional videos that solve problems your prospects face. When planning your B2B video marketing, ask which approach the video uses: the bullhorn or the magnet.

Is Your Corporate Video Engaging?

All of your B2B video marketing efforts must be engaging. While the magnetic B2B marketing approach attracts viewers, you have mere seconds to capture their attention. Your business video must get to the point quickly.

B2B Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

Business video audiences drop out dramatically after 90 seconds. A good rule-of-thumb for any business video in the engage phase is it should be 30 seconds or less. As prospects become more engaged, they’ll spend a little more time watching a corporate video (but not much). The sweet spot, once prospects are engaged, is about 60 to 90 seconds.

With B2B marketing videos topping out at 30 seconds in the early engagement phase, and a maximum of 90 seconds in the convert and nurture phases, each business video must immediately engage prospects. Business professionals have too many demands to waste their time with lengthy, uninteresting B2B videos.

B2B Video Marketing Must Add Value

In addition, busy professionals have little time for B2B marketing videos that do not add value. You have a short timeframe with each corporate video to:

  • Address the problem
  • Communicate your understanding of the problem, its challenges, and its consequences if it isn’t solved
  • Communicate your solution, its benefits, and how it is better or different than others

When your B2B marketing video educates prospects and adds value, it also positions you as an expert, keeps visitors on your site up to four times longer, builds trust, and builds buying intention. Adding value is a powerful B2B video marketing strategy that should not be ignored.

Marketing Team Houston, a Houston Texas firm specializing in B2B video marketing, offers complete business video production services and B2B marketing expertise. We’ve been in the corporate video production business since 1992. Understanding that a picture is worth a thousand words and that video consists of 30 pictures per second, we create powerful B2B marketing messages. Blending state-of-the-art corporate video technology with proven, real world B2B marketing expertise, our B2B video marketing solutions pack a powerful punch.

Learn more about our B2B video marketing process on our “Video Production Process” page.

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B2B Video Marketing for Houston Businesses