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Internet Marketing Tools - Website SpokespersonOne of the biggest problems online marketing professionals face is that companies and their products and services often come off as being faceless. By incorporating a virtual spokesperson into your website, they can give your brand a face and make your company and services “real,” resulting in more conversions, leads, and prospects. When properly implemented, a website spokesperson serves as a magnet, pulling visitors into your website and keeping them engaged.

A Magnetic Approach: Using a Website Video Spokesperson

Marketing products and services on the Web requires a magnetic approach where you pull visitors in rather than a bullhorn approach where you push your message out to the masses. Using a virtual spokesperson, you can gently draw visitors deeper into your site.

However, have you ever seen website videos where the video spokesperson immediately launches into a sales pitch? In order to implement a soft sales strategy and generate sales leads, your spokesperson must also follow a soft sales strategy. This is why any virtual spokesperson produced by Marketing Team Houston will never begin speaking until clicked by your prospect. Each spokesperson we produce follows a carefully crafted soft sales strategy and uses a magnetic approach.

Your Website Video Spokesperson is an Asset

When you think of a spokesperson on a website, do you think of them as a page element or successful sales tools? Far more than an impressive feat of multimedia magic, a spokesperson can be an asset to your site –better than many other online marketing tools. Few page elements can connect with prospects on an emotional level, build trust, or entice prospects to learn more about your products and services better than a virtual spokesperson.

In fact, your spokesperson can make personal connections, build trust, and prompt users to follow through on your calls to action, converting visitors into sales leads as a result. A website video spokesperson that does all of that is a true asset indeed!

In order for an online spokesperson to accomplish all of the above, it is vital to use the magnetic approach as described and create effective scripts for your virtual spokesperson to follow. For example, by incorporating “yes” questions into the script, you are subtly prompting prospects to agree with your pitch. Your spokesperson can gently guide your prospects into a positive mindset. Taken even further, this can prompt prospects to perform specific lead generating actions such as filling out a form or sign up for a newsletter. Simply leaving prospects on their own and hoping they will take action is not enough, but a gentle nudge by a friendly virtual spokesperson can make a world of difference.

Choosing a Website Video Spokesperson

So, how do you choose an online spokesperson? Long before you select an actor or actress, you should first understand your prospects. Identify your prospects, understand their problems, and understand how they will benefit from your solutions before selecting your spokesperson. You should also ask yourself if you should play the role of virtual spokesperson or if you should use an actor or actress. You should become your site’s spokesperson if you are the brand. For example, if Martha Stewart were to implement a spokesperson on her site, she should play the role herself because she is the brand. On the other hand, having a professional actor or actress play the website video spokesperson role makes sense for most companies. Choose a virtual spokesperson that your audience can relate to and trust.

The Marketing Team Houston Difference

Marketing Team Houston, a Houston Texas Web video production firm, offers comprehensive Web video spokesperson services that extend far beyond the basics of video production. We approach website video spokesperson videos differently than most companies. As mentioned earlier, your website video spokesperson will never approach prospects or begin speaking until clicked upon. Your virtual spokesperson follows a soft sell strategy that draws prospects in.

Every Web video spokesperson project benefits from our staff’s average of 14 years experience in the marketing, educational, and video production professions. We blend in-depth, real world online marketing expertise with cutting edge website video technology, a winning combination. Delivering a well-crafted, benefits-focused marketing message tailored to your unique selling proposition via a friendly website video spokesperson is our forte. The Marketing Team Houston difference is evident from the start.

We take the time to truly understand your brand and its benefits from your prospects’ perspectives. This strategy allows us to create a virtual spokesperson that emotionally connects with prospects and coverts more prospects into sales.

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