B2C Video Marketing for Houston Businesses

B2C Video Marketing for Houston BusinessesThe key to B2C video marketing is connecting with consumers. However, consumers don’t necessarily have the time or patience for these marketing messages. Your promotional videos may be absolutely brilliant with stunning images, but if your audience does not tune in, they are a failure. Consumers are busier than ever, and they have short attention spans. So how do you make that all-important connection? By using a subtle online video marketing approach that focuses on benefits.

Put down that bullhorn and craft your online marketing messages with care. The goal is to use online sales video that attracts viewers, pulling them in deeper like a magnet. Your website is full of potential and can become an excellent sales lead generator for you, but getting visitors to your site is not enough. You have to pull your visitors in deeper, and B2C video marketing can do just that. In addition, when properly implemented, this type of online marketing can shape your prospects’ buying decisions.

Why should your promotional videos be subtle? Why not use the bullhorn model that has worked so well in the past? Prospects are not interested in hearing you tell them how great you are. They want to know you can solve their problem first. Therefore, your marketing tone should take a soft sell approach in terms of benefits.

Use a Benefits-Focused B2C Video Marketing Approach

In order to be effective, promotional videos must focus on the benefits consumers will realize from using your products or services. You must truly understand what your prospects want. Once you understand those benefits, all of your B2C video marketing efforts must focus on them.

Rather than telling prospects how great your product is, your marketing messages should show them the benefits. Promotional video is an excellent medium for doing just that. However, you must keep in mind that today’s viewers are busier than ever and don’t have the time or inclination to watch most online video marketing programs.

Use Your Time Wisely by Keeping Your B2C Video Marketing Messages Short

B2C Video Marketing Strategies for Houston Businesses

Studies show that online video audiences drop off quickly as promotional video clips move past the 90-second mark. This does not mean that you have 90 seconds, though. In fact, the earlier in the process your viewers are, the less time you have. Your promotional video only has a few seconds to spark interest! This means that your clip must generate interest and get to the point quickly.

Show that You Can Solve Problems

Your promotional video must also show your prospects that you can solve their problems. Focus your B2C video marketing message on:

  • Your prospects’ problem
  • Your understanding of the challenges and consequences of this problem
  • Your solution to the problem
  • The benefits of your solution to the prospect
  • How your solution is unique and the best one

This approach uses a soft sell and is focused on the benefits prospects receive. Because you have kept your promotional video short and got to the point quickly, you have demonstrated to your prospects that you respect their time while also leveraging the reality that audiences drop off dramatically when videos are too long.

Additional Advantages of this B2C Video Marketing Strategy

You have used a soft sell approach, focused your marketing video on benefits, and limited the length of your promotional videos. All of these steps are crucial for connecting with consumers. This B2C video marketing strategy does more than spark that initial connection; it also positions you as an expert and educates your prospects through value added content. Done correctly, this form of online marketing also shapes buying decisions and keeps prospects on your website up to four times longer.

Your website has tremendous potential to generate sales leads, and Marketing Team Houston can help you tap into it with a customized B2C video marketing strategy. Since 1992, Marketing Team Houston has been combining both marketing and video production expertise to effectively connect with consumers. Learn more about our B2C video marketing approach.

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