Business Growth Calculator

Business Growth Calculator The interactive Business Growth Calculator is designed to help you determine what areas in your sales and marketing efforts to focus upon in order to have the best return on your investment. Simply plug in your estimated annual sales leads and sales performance in the “Current” column. Then use the second column, “Growth Increases You Would Like to Achieve”, to consider ‘What If’ I could improve my sales performance in each area. The overall impact to your sales revenue will be calculated in the third column, entitled “Results of Increases”.

Once you have identified several key areas to consider focusing on to have the maximum impact, Marketing Team Houston would be pleased to be of assistance. Contact us today to learn more about how we may be of help!

Current Growth Increases
You Would Like
to Achieve (%)
Results of
Sales Leads
(Average # of leads per year)
Conversion Rate (%)
(% of leads who become customers)
% % %
# of Customers
Transaction Frequency
(# of sales per customer per year)
Average Sales Value ($)
(Average value of each sale)
$ % $ $
Annual Sales Revenue ($)
$ $ $
Average Margin (%)
% % %
Annual Profit ($)
$ $ $
Overall Annual Profit Increase (%)
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